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I made concrete pool inside the room. Water of the pool run around the building and send to room2 by a pump.

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I made chest high concrete pool. Water of room1 fall from the ceiling like a squall.
There are many housese which made by transparent silicon and insides are loudspeakers above water. We can listen living sound from the speaker.

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room1:3200×7500 cm / 約3tのコンクリート, 水, ポンプ, 蝋, ハロゲンライト

room2:3200×7500 cm / 約2tのコンクリート, 水, 透明シリコン, スピーカー, 発光ダイオード, アンプ

自主企画 グループ展 見えない庭 -invisible garden- / 寝屋川市駅前テナントビル,大阪 / 2003.11.28-12.21

room1:3200×7500 cm / about3t concrete,water,pump,wax,hologen light

room2:3200×7500 cm / about3t concrete,water,transparent silicon,iron framework,loudspeakers,LED,amplifier

Independent Project Group Exhibition -invisible garden- / Osaka / 2003.11.28-12.21

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