solo exhibition / Kodama gallery Kyoto / September 5-October 10,2009

The indignant01 The indignant02 The indignant03 The indignant04 The indignant05 The indignant06 The indignant07 The indignant08 The indignant09 The indignant10 The indignant11 The indignant12 The indignant13

The indignant

サイズ:可変 / 素材:アルミホイル / 2009

size:variable / material:aluminum foil / 2009

stillriver TARO賞-01 stillriver TARO賞-02 stillriver TARO賞-03 stillriver TARO賞-04

The indignant / TARO賞

The 13th Exhibition of the Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art / 第13回岡本太郎現代芸術賞展

size:70×500×500 cm / material:aluminum foil / 2009